For Your Consideration Comedy Special [CD]

Track Listing:

  1. The Hot Ticket (Album Version) [Explicit]
  2. The Survey: Gay? Straight? (Album Version) [Explicit]
  3. The Clicker (For The Maggie Fans) (Album Version) [Explicit]
  4. My First Rebanning (Hi Barbara Walters!) (Album Version) [Explicit]
  5. Happy Sunday (More Maggie!) (Album Version) [Explicit]
  6. Cover Me (Album Version) [Explicit]
  7. Oprah Is A Deity (And I Think She Is Full Of Shit) (Album Version) [Explicit]
  8. Oprah's Favorite Things (Album Version) [Explicit]
  9. The Osmonds Were Never Cool (Album Version) [Explicit]
  10. Freaky Doll People (Demi? Oh Yeah!) (Album Version) [Explicit]
  11. Straight Guys Wake Up! (Album Version) [Explicit]
  12. Our New Daddy's Coming (Album Version) [Explicit]
  13. Wizard of Woz (Album Version) [Explicit]
  14. My Run In With Spielberg (Album Version) [Explicit]

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