Red, White & Raw Collection [DVD]

Over 5 Hours of Uncensored Kathy! 

Self-proclaimed D-Lister and two-time Emmy Award winning comedian Kathy Griffin has been repeatedly breaking ground over the past few years as she continues to put on four televised original stand-up specials a year. Now, for the first time on DVD, you can experience a collection of her acclaimed shows:uncensored and complete with unaired bonus footage. 

Queen of Hollywood gossip and purveyor of uproarious tales involving herself, her mother Maggie and a dirty laundry list of famed celebrities, Kathy delivers with unparalleled hilarity and gusto on every stage. 

Features the acclaimed and uncensored comedy specials: 

  • Balls Of Steel 
  • Does The Bible Belt 
  • Whores On Crutches 
  • 50 & Not Pregnant
  • Gurrl Down
  • Pants Off
  • Tired Hooker 

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